Dr Sajid Mustafa released after paying Rs 150 million ransom

Sahiwal (Sahiwal News Live – 11 February 2021 – Ghulam Farid) Sahiwal Medical College Professor Doctor and renowned Child Specialist Dr. Sajid Mustafa was released after paying ransom, police failed to trace the accused.

According to details, renowned child specialist Professor Dr Sajid Mustafa was abducted by three armed men near his clinic on the evening of January 25. After the abduction, the accused had demanded a ransom of Rs 1.5 crore for the release of Dr Sajid Mustafa.

Police registered a kidnapping case against the accused but failed to trace and arrest them.

During the abduction, the accused kept threatening the family with dire consequences and demanded a ransom of Rs 1.5 crore for their release. Police could not trace the accused for five days after the abduction and the family had to negotiate with the kidnappers. Were forced

After negotiations, the accused agreed to release him for Rs. 12.7 million, which the family barely managed, and after receiving the ransom money handed over to the accused, the accused released Dr. Sajid Mustafa within ten days of his abduction. Later released.

This is the second major incident of kidnapping for ransom. Earlier, in 2019, Ehsanullah, a sixth grade student, was also abducted by the accused from Arif Road while going to school.

Police have failed to trace the kidnappers in both the incidents.

Civil and social circles, Pakistan Medical Association and Young Doctors have demanded the Prime Minister, Chief Minister Punjab and IG Punjab to arrest the accused who kidnapped Dr Sajid Mustafa and his son Ehsanullah and set a precedent and recover the ransom money.

If the police do not arrest the accused, there will be protests across the province.


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