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Anchor Sports Zainab Abbas to host Cricket series on Sky Sports

Top sports anchor Zainab Abbas says, “My mother insisted me  for audition and when people there found out that I had extensive knowledge of cricket despite being a girl, they chose me to host the event.”

Seeing sports anchor Zainab Abbas’s passion for cricket and sports, no one can say that when Zainab went to audition for the first time to host the program, in fact, she did not want to do this job, but only auditioned at the insistence of her mother.

Zainab Abbas is the first Pakistani cricket host to represent Pakistan on the international sports channel Sky Sports during the Pakistan-England cricket series in July this year.

In an interview with the BBC, she said, “I came England to study and was just thinking about what to do with my life when I found out that I was auditioning to host a channel sports program.

“Even though I have been fond of cricket but I have never seen a girl hosting a sports program and neither I nor anyone in my family had media experience so I did not want to go but my mom insisted.

Zainab Abbas says she is proud to be the first Pakistani to have the opportunity to work with the world’s largest sports channel and to reach the place in her career that many people dream of reaching.

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