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Ghalla Mandi Police station sahiwal

Blackmailer arrested for making nude photos of a girl in Sahiwal

Sahiwal (Sahiwal News Live – April 10, 2021 – Malik Dilawar) Blackmailer arrested for making nude pictures of a girl in Sahiwal city.

According to the details, the affected girl was changing her dress in the dressing room at a birthday party. A woman took took nude photos of the girl in the dressing room silently.

Later that woman gave those nude pictures to her husband Pervez. The accused Pervez compelled the girl to have sex with him. He showed the nude pictures to friends and family of the girl and kept her blackmailing.

In case of denial, he started torturing her mentally and physically and showed nude pictures to her family. The girl lodged a complaint with the local police against the accused. Ghalla Mandi police station has arrested the accused and registered a case.

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