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Doctor forgot towel in a woman’s abdomin and removed uterus in chichawatni

Chichawatni (Sahiwal News Live – April 1, 2021 – From Sheikh Ijaz) Neem Hakim Khatra Jan, Patient transferred to Bahalpur Hospital in life and death struggle.

According to details, Sajjad Ali son of Muhammad Ashraf, a resident of Chak 28 Eleven L, a village near Chichawatni, along with dozens of men and women, protested against Dr. Syed Muratab Ali of Muratab Hospital and chanted slogans against him.

The victims said that yesterday Dr. Maratab operated on their daughter for delivery. During the operation, the towel was forgotten inside the abdomen, which made the girl’s condition worse.

What made this delivery case worse?

Dr. Maratab operated again and removed the towel and also removed the uterus from the woman’s abdomen. When the patient’s condition became serious, he told us to take her to Bahawalpur. The victims have appealed to the Punjab Chief Minister and Punjab Health Minister for justice.


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