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Google News indexing issue

Google News Indexing issue update 2021

Arshad Farooq Butt

Google News has been a great source of quality news and helps publishers to get audience. But sinse December 2019, when google updated its algorithm, new publishers are facing indexing issues. Here are some of the opinions from the community.

“I am facing indexing issue since 6 months when my website approved in news. I contacted the concerned person about the indexing issue. And the person is telling me about ranking. I want to ask Google News Team if indexing or crawling is not going on then how we can get ranking? I am very very very frustrated.”

“CNN Brasil and IndiaTV both are authority sites, when they are not able to appear in google news, then there is no hope for startups.”

Chris_Andrews replies:
Google News takes into account many factors when ranking and displaying articles. Compliance with Google News policy guidelines and successful content discovery are two important factors but do not guarantee that your articles will be displayed on Google news.

Please keep in mind that our news index is compiled by computer algorithms. While we strive to include as much of your content as possible, we can’t guarantee that we will show every single article.

To conclude, google news has stopped indexing new publishers and only those websites are being indexed approved in 2019. You may get include your website in google news but there is no gurrantee it will be indexed in GNews.

This has increased the prices of google news approved sites. I remember, i sold sahiwal tv in $400. Now the owner is not willing to return even in $2000. The publishers are desperately waiting for Google News Indexing issue update 2021 but google seems to be careless of the opinions and publishers demands.

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