Govt MC High School Chichawatni

Higher Authorities hide Coronavirus cases in Chichawatni city

Chichawatni (Sahiwal News Live – April 7, 2021, Usman Cheema) A wave of concern in public circles due to the increasing cases of Coronavirus in Chichawatni city.

Muhammad Mubashir, a teacher at Government MC High School Chichawatni falls victim to Coronavirus but the higher authorities are hiding such news. Last week, almost 100 students were sampled at Government MC High School.

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The principal of Government Girls School Chuck No. 41/12 L Chichawatni also tested positive for covid-19. A teacher and four students of Government Girls School Chuck No. 42/12 L also fell victim to Coronavirus.

Coronavirus affected schools still open in Chichawatni City

The coronavirus affected schools are still open in Chichawatni city and no arrangements are being made to save the students. A few days ago, Govt higher secondary school Chak 45/12L reported having a teacher and 3 students tested positive for coronavirus. According to the teachers community, the habit of sending “All is Good” report is being exercised in covid-19 cases too and the headmasters tend to hide the corona cases.


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