How to Check Watchtime in Youtube Studio Mobile App

By Arshad Farooq Butt

Youtube studio mobile app allows the channel owners to see the latest report of watchtime, views, keywords and many other things. It is the only platform where you can see last 48 hours watchtime report.

To see watchtime in youtube studio mobile app follow these steps:

1.Install youtube studio mobile app.

2.Click on 3 lined menu button on top left.

3.Click on analytics.

4.Click on watchtime. It will show last 28 days watchtime by default.

5.Select last 48 hours to see last 48 hours watchtime report.

(Note: if you are a fiver client and has placed the order, share last 48 hours watchtime screenshot and last 28 days watchtime screenshot once a day)

Video Tutorial will be available shortly.

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