Deputy Director Colleges Sahiwal

Instructions for preparing personal evaluation report for government teachers

White color for PERs contract and pink color for non-gazetted and green color copies for gazetted will now be used.

The current format of PERs after 2013 and older formats before 2013 will be used.

If the Reporting Officer has not changed in a year, only one PER of one year will be prepared for an employee.

Service PERs of less than three months are not required to be completed. Instead, the Reporting Officer will sign by writing Less than Three Month on PER.

The PER for a period of more than three months will be written in full and then sent to the concerned officer for counter sign.

If you have worked under two Reporting Officers for three months or more in a year, you will have to make two PERs.

If three officers have worked for three months, three PERs will be created.

Sometimes, in unusual circumstances, if you have worked under four separate Reporting Officers for three months, there may be four PERs.


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