International Women’s Day (by Hafsa Irfan)

March 8 is International Women’s Day, this day is celebrated all over the world and similarly in Pakistan this day is also celebrated with great care.

Rallies are held in various places, voices are raised for women’s rights and various seminars are held. In recent years, the word has become a common word, which has been widely criticized. On the other hand, a great effort has been made to empower women through the Twitter trend.

That word affects the ears very badly. And makes a weird siege. The word “women’s march” means “march”. It can also be called a women’s procession. In other words, if it is being celebrated in the month of March, then it is called a women’s march.

The purpose of the Women’s March and Women’s Day celebrations that I have come to understand in recent times is that a bunch of liberal women have taken to the streets to demand their rights. Carrying various placards, she becomes famous on the streets and in the evenings she cuts cakes somewhere and goes back to her home. Placards are also very funny type, such as some of the placards I take “my body is my will”, “sit down properly”, “if you like the dupatta so wear it yourself” and so on.

If I take more than that, I will be very wrong because there will be no tolerance and the heart will be ashamed. One of my questions to women is what are the rights that women are talking about in March.

These rights are neither written in any book nor in our religion nor in our culture. Our culture is so beautiful that it gives a lot of respect to women.

Where women’s place is something else where women are pious. And when it comes to religion, the rights that Islam has given to women have no competition, no need for a march or any such protest. Yes, it is permissible to go out for the rights of those who demand it and say that it is our right and it should be given.

To this day we have not been able to get out of this age of ignorance. If a poor father has to marry his daughter, he spends all his life’s earnings and savings so that my daughter’s dowry will be paid. Somewhere his daughter has to go to her father-in-law and not have to face him. He did not give.

But at the same time, there is an ignorance in us about how much a boy earns. If his income is low, then he can only marry a poor girl. It’s a bad thing on both sides that needs to be addressed. Go out to end dowry so that parents can marry their daughter comfortably without having to stumble from door to door.

If you are talking about the truth, then talk about the truth which is your right, marriage of choice. In the 21st century, we have not been able to give women the right to marry as they wish. If he did express his choice, he would either be called dishonorable or made a mistake by reading too much.

The brothers will kill her in the name of honor or the father will say goodbye to an old man and take away the burden of his daughter. When Islam tells us that if the daughter expresses her choice, don’t call her bad.

But our society has become such that it is abusive to express feminism, but if a son walks around with four women, then it is good that he is a boy, that is his job. Raise your voice for the right of marriage of choice, not to take off the veil. The truth is that if someone has tried to harass you, the culprit must be brought to justice.

But the ears and the police stations of our society are such that if a woman takes this request there, she is asked all sorts of unnecessary questions, which makes a respectable woman keep it a secret. It is a matter of honor to be quiet and the culprit goes around gnashing his teeth and I don’t know how many women’s homes he destroys.

Unfortunately, the law of our country has not been able to create protection for harassed women and how many such women are harassed in the office, in schools, colleges and universities and protect their dignity. Will go

Justice and humanity will be left somewhere and will be in the headlines. Raise your voice for this right so that our society can prosper. Even today the education of girls is very low in many areas. Children are not allowed to study. Our daughters do not go to school in the family. They should just learn housework and take care of the house. As far as taking care of the house is concerned, it belongs to both men and women.

A man should help with household chores and also train his children with his wife because the children do not belong to an empty wife but to both. And if a man can do housework and drink a glass of water himself, there is no such thing. That woman is very delicate, she gets tired from all day’s work and it is all for you. Instead, come home and say two words of love with a glass of water, then she will do your work very happily and she will get tired all day long. It will end with two words.

Women march, celebrate Women’s Day but demand the rights that we women really need. Which we need In this way, the society will move in the right direction and this debate between men and women will also end.


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