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Learn CPM youtube work and earn millions in Pakistan

Sahiwal (Sahiwal News Live – 26 April 2021 – Arshad Farooq Butt) Millions of people in Pakistan are earning crores of rupees a month from various online platforms including YouTube, Fiverr, Upwork and other platforms.

All these platforms give you the opportunity to earn many times more than the local markets. And many people have made their mark on these platforms.

There are also “shortcuts” enthusiasts in the sector who are inventing new ways to raise millions by bypassing these platforms on a daily basis. These shortcuts have a big hand in making Google the Google. And Google is constantly fighting them and updating its algorithm several times a year to make shortcuts ineffective.

In the past group clicking on YouTube and website ads was very popular which made it possible to earn more in less time. This technique is called click-for-click, and by installing high CPC cookies on Firefox, Google’s algorithm was bypassed through systematic click-through. However, Google soon found a solution.

Recently the same name has been circulating in the language of YouTubers and that is “CPM Work”, how successful it is will be clear on May 12. According to the information received so far, the Auto Refresh extension is installed in Google Chrome after uploading the video on High CPC topic. In which a time of 12 seconds is set.

Related video is played in 12 tabs. As a result, skipable ads are run frequently and in just a few days, more than $1000 are accumulated in YouTube’s dashboard.

However, it will be known soon whether these deposited dollars are added to AdSense on the 12th. Many YouTubers claim that they have made money in this way. If this method is successful, many Pakistani YouTubers will become millionaires. On the other hand, many YouTubers will get their channels suspended. keep going.

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