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Negligent doctors deismissed in THQ Chichawatni

Chichawatni (Sahiwal News Live – 29 March 2021 – Usman Cheema) Doctors’ negligence and absence from duty is proved in Yousaf Jamal Tikka case.

MS Tehsil Headquarter Hospital Chichawatni dismissed two doctors for negligence in the case of late Yousuf Jamal Takka.

Negligent doctors deismissed in THQ Chichawatni

The first is Dr. Salman Aslam, who is accused of being absent from duty on March 25 and is often accustomed to being absent from duty.

The other doctor is Badar Munir who, in violation of the referral protocol, referred the patient to Sahiwal in a very serious condition and cause his death. Both the negligent doctors have been directed to report to the Primary and Secondary Health Department, Lahore.

On the other hand Anjuman Tajran Chichawatni protested against the hospital doctors and demanded immediate reforms to save people’s lives in such conditions.


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