Firing at Tehsil Kachehri Chichawatni

Prisoner shot down in tehsil kachehri Chichawatni City

Chichawatni (Sahiwal News Live – 20 March 2021 – Tahir Jawad) The accused who appeared before the court was shot and injured by unknown persons. Panic spread in Tehsil Kachehri Chichawatni city, a heavy contingent of police also reached the spot.

The injured youth was shifted to the emergency ward of THQ Hospital for medical treatment. The condition of the injured is critical.

The Injured prisioner died at Tehsil Headquarter hospital Chichawatni

DPO Sahiwal takes notice of Chichawatni court incident. The injured died at THQ Hospital. SHO City Police Station ordered immediate arrest of accused Saqlain.

DPO suspends police personnels on court duty. Accused Saqlain killed the prisoner Amir Sohail who came to the court and easily escaped. Police led by ASP Salman Zafar is conducting raids to arrest the accused.

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  1. I will submit to the police in this case Because the police should get the protocol why the protocol was not given.Police should give strict punishment.

    Police station SHO
    & DPO
    People should ask them
    And mian channu city’s and sadar police station comfort is that the police is totally useless.
    There should also be a Ranger in Punjab.
    Because the police are absolutely helpless.
    Just look at it, catch people and take bribes and leave them

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