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Anti Dengue Meeting in sahiwal

A review meeting of anti-dengue activities was held under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner Sahiwal Kamran Khan.

Dengue larvae were identified from 8 containers during September, directing the Deputy Commissioner to intensify anti-dengue activities.

According to the details, a meeting was held at Montgomery Hall to review the anti-dengue activities in the district in detail, chaired by Deputy Commissioner Kamran Khan.

ADC General Syed Usman Bukhari and District Health Officer Dr. Abdul Majeed Niazi along with heads of all departments participated in the meeting.

Entomologist Akshara Ashiq said that from September 2 to September 6, 128 suspected cases of dengue were reported in the district, out of which 3 patients have symptoms of dengue fever.

Apart from this, dengue larvae were also recovered from 8 containers which were immediately destroyed.

The Deputy Commissioner gave strict instructions to intensify anti-dengue activities and said that cases should be registered against those who do not cooperate with the teams.

District Health Officer Dr. Abdul Majeed Niazi said that notices have been issued to 117 people so far this month and cases have also been registered against 6.

Deputy Commissioner Kamran Khan urged all the departments to resolve the complaints within 24 hours so that dengue eradication activities can be 100% successful.

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