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Dengue awareness walk in Sahiwal Medical College

Sahiwal Medical College organizes Dengue Awareness seminar

A dengue awareness seminar was organized in Sahiwal Medical College in which MS Sahiwal Teaching Hospital Dr. Israr Zafar, Dr. Shahid Ali, Dr. Hussam Rahm, Dr. Nisar Ahmad Saeedi, Dr. Qaraul Ain, Dr. Shahid, Dr. Sajjad Sabir, Dr. Sajid Mustafa, Dr. Nisar Ahmad DMS, Dr. Shahid Bajwa including paramedical staff, nurses and medical students participated in large numbers.

The seminar was organized under the special guidance of Principal Sahiwal Medical College Professor Imran Hasan Khan. Addressing the event, Prof. Imran Hasan Khan explained to the participants about prevention measures against dengue mosquito, symptoms and treatment of dengue fever.

He said that the process of training of doctors of different wards in relation to the treatment of dengue is also going on. He said that all government departments and citizens can control dengue by working together.

He further said that dengue has become a collective problem of the entire nation and the entire nation should show responsibility to get rid of it and cleanliness is half faith anyway.

Dengue can be avoided by keeping your homes, markets and neighborhoods clean. A walk was also organized at the end of the seminar.

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