Target killing of President Anjuman Tajran Chichawatni

By: Malik Asad

Yousuf Jamal Takka, president of Markzi Anjuman Tajran Chichawatni, was on his way home with his father when 4 gunmen on two motorcycles opened fire on him in front of Dr. Hanif Dogar’s hospital, injuring him.

The assailants fled after firing four shots. According to eyewitnesses, the age of the attackers is said to be between 18 and 22 years, while one of the motorcyclists had a light beard.

Due to inadequate facilities at Tehsil Head Quarter Hospital Chichawatni, he was referred to District Headquarter Hospital Saiwal, but he could not recover and died near Harrapa city.

I was in my house when the shooting took place and immediately rushed to the spot as the incident took place in front of my house.

Hafiz Sajid Mahmood another journalist friend also arrived on the spot. At that time, we did not even have the illusion that President Yusuf Jamal Tikka would give us a scar, because at that time the condition of Yusuf Tikka Shaheed seemed to be satisfactory. And he was talking consciously, this heartbreaking incident is a proof of local administration and their incompetence.

It is also a reflection of the criminal negligence of the doctors and medical staff of THQ Hospital Chichawatni. Although life and death are in the hands of Allah, if Yusuf Takka Shaheed gets timely medical aid, his life could have been saved.

The main reason for his martyrdom is said to be excessive bleeding. There is a need for a judicial inquiry into the whole incident and a warning to those responsible for negligence so that such tragedies may not occur in the future.

After this incident, the citizens of Chichawatni are suffering from severe insecurity, fear and desolation have encamped all over the city, the martyrdom of the sophisticated, harmless and peace activist like Yusuf Jamal Tika has affected the entire region.

This is a targeted killing operation, the administration should use all its resources to bring the killers to justice. May Allah Almighty raise the ranks of Shaheed Yousaf Jamal Tikka and bestow his family courage to bear this trauma. Ameen.


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