Teachers sit-in

What are the demands of the education officers and teachers in Lahore sit-in

Written by Arshad Farooq Butt

The sit-in of school education department teachers, assistant education officers, clerks and other government employees in the provincial capital Lahore continues for the sixth day.

The Employees Grand Alliance is organizing a large scale protest in front of Club Chowk in which officials and members of Punjab Teachers Union, APCA, Association of AEOs are present.

Pay Protection, Permanent and Disability Reduction Allowance These three demands have been presented to the Punjab Government by the sit-in protesters.

What is Pay Protection?
The Department of Education recruits teachers on a contract basis. After three years of contract service, legal teachers should be made permanent with a “date of joining” so that their annual promotions and allowances are included in the salary.

But unlike other departments, teachers are made permanent by deducting the contract service instead of the date of joining, which halves their salary. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of teachers on pay protection but the federal government is not implementing the ruling.

What is Disability Reduction Allowance?
To close the pay gap for employees of various government departments, the federal government had issued a notification in Islamabad on February 10 that government teachers would be given 25 per cent disparity reduction allowance before the budget.

The decision has been implemented in the federal capital Islamabad and Balochistan. Promises have not been fulfilled in Punjab yet.

Why AEOs, SSTs are not being made permanent?

The Punjab Education Department recruited about 11,000 teachers and education officers through NTS tests. These teachers and officers have not been made permanent even after seven years and now the condition for permanent is to pass the test and interview with the Punjab Public Service Commission.

This condition of the government has put a question mark on the future of these teachers and education officers. There are some of these education officers who have left their permanent post headmaster and become AEOs. Now, if for any reason he fails to pass the Punjab Public Service Commission exam, his future is bleak.

There is no taboo in making these teachers and education officers permanent. The government has no interest in firing these experienced employees. But there is a “communication gap” between the government and employees that needs to be bridged.


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