ctd shooting sahiwal tragedy

The officer indicted in Sahiwal tragedy case awarded Sitara-e-Shujaat

ISLAMABAD (Sahiwal News Live – 27 March 2021 – Saad) The federal government has come under fire for its distribution of performance awards. While singer Ali Zafar is given the Pride of Performance at a time when he is facing a case of sexual harassment, a police officer responsible for the Sahiwal Tragedy case incident has also been awarded Sitara-e-Shujaat.

According to details, an SSP rank officer of Counter Terrorism Department Punjab who was among those involved in the Sahiwal tragedy case (Saniha Sahiwal) has been awarded Sitara-e-Shujaat on March 23. This is the second highest civilian award for bravery.

Of the 24 Sitara-e-Shujaat awards, he is one of the four survivors who received the award, while 20 received it after martyrdom.

The majority of the 20 people are doctors who lost their lives in the war against Corona while rescuing their allies. As far as the CTD officer is concerned, he was suspended in January 2019 after the Sahiwal Shooting incident.

The incident provoked public outcry and calls for action against those responsible. Calling the CTD responsible, the Punjab government removed five senior police officers, including the CTD chief, and ordered a trial against the five in the anti-terrorism court.

The action was announced by Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat at a press conference to share the findings of the joint investigation team’s interim report.

This officer has been honored after the CTD killin Sahiwal tragedy, the rest of the police officers who were arrested for negligence have already been awarded valuable posts like provincial police chiefs.


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