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A ceremony in honor of police personnels injured during the TLP protest

Sahiwal (Sahiwal News Live – 15 April 2021 – Spokesman Sahiwal Police) RPO Sahiwal Ahmad Arsalan Malik along with Commissioner Sahiwal Nadir Chatha encouraged Sahiwal police officers and soldiers injured during sit-ins and protests of Tehreek-e-Lubaik Pakistan. And awarded cash prizes and certificates of appreciation.

A grand ceremony was held at Sahiwal Police Line in which DPO Sahiwal Muhammad Kashif Aslam, RPO and Commissioner Sahiwal participated.

On the occasion, RPO Sahiwal Ahmad Arsalan Malik said that the entire Punjab Police, including Sahiwal Police, has made history by taking the province out of unrest and stalemate.

The hardships and sacrifices made by the Sahiwal police officers and soldiers in opening the country’s highways and protecting the property of the people. They are unique and I appreciate them.

Commissioner Sahiwal Nadir Chatha said that I have come especially to pay tribute to the courage and sacrifices of the police officers and men and I hope that Sahiwal Police will continue to perform its duties with the same spirit and courage for the establishment of law and order. Will The administration of Sahiwal Division is fully with Sahiwal Police.

Commissioner and RPO Sahiwal while appreciating the performance of DPO Sahiwal Muhammad Kashif Aslam said that the patronage of DPO police from the front boosted the morale of Sahiwal police in which DPO himself was injured.

At the end of the ceremony, RPO and Commissioner Sahiwal presented bouquets of flowers, certificates of appreciation and cash prizes to the police officers and men who showed courage and bravery.


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