Urdu Afsana Murad

Author: Arshad Farooq Butt

Last night and Murad was wandering on his mobile phone looking for new love. How many days had passed since he could not talk to any companion. He opened up messenger messages but all but a few boys, fake IDs and some muftis of the city were offline. Reluctantly, he pushes his mobile phone aside and starts dreaming of good days.

He lived with his father in a dilapidated house. Mother passed away in childhood. The father was living the last part of his life. He lay on a bed outside the house all day. Two goats were tied in one corner. Leaving two houses like this, a carpenter was also spending the days of her life outside one house. However, the old woman would spend the night outside as she did not have her own house.

In the eye of the beholder, Murad sees his first love. She was a beautiful and innocent girl. Dressed in a yellow dress, she was like a sunflower all over Joban that he wanted to get at any cost. He spent many months sifting through its paths. Even the harsh weather could not stop it. In the evening she would come to the roof of her house and both of them would look at each other with sly eyes.

One day it was raining heavily. Murad went to his house as usual. His body was drenched with rain water. But nothing could stop him from waiting. The wait is finally over. She came to the roof, looked at him for a while and threw away a piece of paper.

Murad immediately picked up the love letter and went home. He started reading the letter, ignoring the soaked clothes.

“I know you love me very much, but what to do with a love that lasts for two moments. Still, if you are compelled by passion, meet tonight. This is my last day in this city. Matriculation exams Done and I have to go back to my village tomorrow.


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