The journey from dreams to reality

Written by Manahel Rana

Today I am talking about a topic that is very close to my heart. Dreams, what are dreams and how to make dreams come true?

Everyone dreams, some take refuge in the world of dreams to escape the bitterness of reality. In this regard, Maheen Irfan has written so well that I found the eternal abode of my mind in my dreams, when he gave me unbroken wings to fly away from the despair of life.

If we talk about dreams, there are two kinds of dreams, one is what we see while we are asleep and the other is the dreams that do not let us sleep but cause us to wake up and we think about it all night long. How to give them the color of facts or how to mold them into the framework of facts?

People who dream in their waking hours also strive for their fulfillment, ie dreams not only guide and guide man, but they also encourage us in every field of life, but sometimes this is the case. Dreams become such an unbearable burden on our backs when we introduce them to the word of a day.

The example of a person living without a purpose is like a passenger boarding a boat but unaware of the destination.

On the same subject, Dr. Prof. Sarwat Imran says that life has to pass anyway, but living life with a target, a purpose is really life. Now the question arises that if we all dream then why can’t we achieve our goals? The answer is that we can.

If we look around, we will find many friends who think that I can never do such and such a thing because there can be any reason why it does not work and there are some people who say That someday I will do it but he never comes.

There are people in this society who tell everyone that I am just starting to do this work and never take the first step towards it because according to them there is an obstacle in the way. Now here I will tell you a secret. Let’s tell!

There will always be some obstacles in the journey from your dreams to reality. Keep in mind that this path is not easy at all, but it is full of danger and misery. Someone always needs you. Whether it’s family or friends, work or promises to anyone, in short, life will always stand in the way of your dreams.

Believe that in the journey of fulfilling dreams there comes a time when a person is completely broken inside but on the other hand what is the reason that some people reach their destination while some say That they want to do something and never do it?

So if you want to achieve something in life that you never had, you have to do something that you have never done before.

Making an imaginary plague won’t do anything. Take your dreams to the destination by yourself, you just have to take the first step, the way forward will be formed automatically, feel your inner madness, believe it, trust yourself and Go ahead, Shakeel Azmi’s poem is a beautiful poem in this regard,

He sees the wings flying in the open air
He sits on the ground and looks at the sky

Those who are able to dream with open eyes, nature gives them sight even in the dark and makes man stronger and stronger.

Someone has said to hold fast to dreams because if dreams die, life becomes like a broken bird that cannot fly. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

If you have the courage to dream, then you have the courage to fulfill them and you can fulfill your dreams by putting them into action.



  1. مناہل صاحبہ، یقیناً آپ احساسات کو لفظوں میں ڈھالنے کا ہنر رکھتی ہیں. ماشاءاللہ بہت خوب جناب…. اللہ کرے زور قلم اور زیادہ آمین

  2. مناہل صاحبہ، یقیناً آپ احساسات کو لفظوں میں ڈھالنے کا ہنر رکھتی ہیں. ماشاءاللہ بہت خوب جناب.. اللہ کرے زور قلم اور زیادہ آمین

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  5. 👌this article gives me inspiration to fulfill my dream

  6. Khawab say Haqiqat Tak ka safar mashallah bohat khubsorat tahreerr Manahil Dili mubarqbad omeed hai ham ainda b ap ki khubsorat tahrerron say mustafeed hoty rahy. Gy inshallah Manahil. Ny bohat khubsorti. Say insani khuwabon on ki soch kamyabi nakami ko ojagar karty howay btaya k rokna nahi manzil ko pana hai tu first step he othana hai baqi Allah asan kar data hai or rasty b dikha data hai bus sachi lagan honi chahiy or bus qadam otha lain khud bakhod sub asan ho jay ga bohat khub 👍
    Ak new motivational writer’ Bohat acha laga is kalam ko parh kar ,Allah. Kary Zory Qallam or. Ziyada Allah ap ko mazeed kamiyabiyon. Say. Nawazy ameen Suma ameen Mashallah

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