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The importance of women’s education

Written by Sehrish Muzaffar

Education is the duty of every human being. Education helps build a better society. Education is a social process. Which is managed by the society. The education system of any country directly affects the problems and needs of that country.

The education system and the process cannot ignore the needs and problems of education and society. The process of education has a very deep connection with the society because every individual belongs to the society and it is very important for every person living in the society to have education. Education is the duty of every man and woman.

Education plays an important role in building a better society. Acquiring knowledge is a basic human right. However, gender differences still exist in our society, especially in the field of education. Education is very important for women.

Education is essential to create awareness among women, to build social relationships and to have a good place in society. It gives women the opportunity to participate in the legal system, human resource development, politics and other important fields. Where their concerns can be heard for sure.

Women’s education is a powerful weapon that can help Pakistan achieve its goals by utilizing women’s skills, knowledge and skills. In addition, women’s education can play an important role in other areas of life such as health, child care, nutrition, hygiene. By raising the standard of women’s education, we can make progress in areas of human well-being such as health, school and childcare.

The low level of women’s education has a negative impact on economic growth. In which human resources are also reduced. Education helps women develop their minds and equips them with managerial skills as well as analytical thinking. By recognizing the importance of women’s education, we can increase our economic growth and achieve our larger goals.

Women’s education is important for our development and prosperity. It can also help reduce poverty and equip our future generations with better education. Education is the key to unlocking all the locks of success. That is why it has been the most important thing in every age.

In the past, society’s view of women was very complex. Society imagined one thing. Besides, it never occurred to her that if women were educated in the society, it would be for the betterment of the society. Because an educated woman can make the whole family educated. Similarly, if there is an illiterate woman, the family will reach the mire of ignorance. Therefore, in Islam too, education has been made obligatory for both men and women. And its importance has been stated here and there.

But the more emphasis is placed on adornment, the more backward the nation is today. It’s good that things are changing. Society, family and people’s attitudes are changing. And people are paying equal attention to the education of boys and girls. Otherwise, before that, less attention was paid to the status of women in the society. Women’s education is a permanent thing and women’s education must be given maximum importance within the limits of Islamic teachings so that our women can also be successful. In addition, educating women will also have the benefit of enabling our new generation to become masters of high morals and character.

All these educational awareness will improve the social life of women. The present age is the age of science and technology. The world has become a global village. Now only that nation or country can rule where it is at the forefront of knowledge and technology. If half the population of a country, ie women, are backward, then that nation cannot develop. Therefore, it is very important for women to get education and be equipped with public awareness or public information. Today’s world is developing very fast.

Therefore, only an educated woman can adapt to this new environment. An educated woman can easily explain her point to another woman. She can express her opinion in a better way. An educated woman can play a role in improving the education and development of her country.

She is aware of her family and social responsibilities. It is not necessary for a woman to become a doctor, engineer or pilot by reading and writing. A woman’s primary responsibility is her home. She can better fulfill her responsibilities as an educated mother, sister, daughter, and wife.


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