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August 1st is World Lung Cancer Day

August 1st is World Lung Cancer Day. Lung cancer is an infectious disease, the main cause of which is smoking.

Tobacco is a toxic substance that causes many types of cancer in the body such as tongue cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, etc.

On August 1st, World Lung Cancer Day, we should pledge to stop smoking.

For this purpose they will inform the people around them about the dangers of smoking.

We also demand from the government1-Heavy taxes should be imposed on the sale and purchase of cigarettes.
2- The free sale and purchase of cigarettes should be banned.
3- Those who smoke cigarettes in public places should be caught by the law
4- The sale of cigarettes to persons under eighteen years of age should be prohibited

Dr. Muhammad Wasim
Assistant Professor Pulmonology
Sahiwal Medical College Sahiwal

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